Sunday, August 26, 2007

CJ Maxx - In The Arms of a Warrior

Excerpt from In The Arms of a Warrior by CJ Maxx

Susan Ambrose walked into the Design Engineering Department and stopped in front of the admin assistant’s desk. She stared at Mary Jane Winter’s provocative black jumpsuit and a smile slowly formed on her face. "What? You were out partying last night and didn’t have time to go home and change?"

"You don’t remember, do you?" MJ asked. "The new guy starts today."

Susan chuckled, "Oh no! How could I forget? How could I come in here dressed like a bag lady?"

MJ smiled, "Hey, this guy is single, twenty-eight years old, and from what I hear, good looking! I’m going to dazzle him when he gets here. Once the boss is done with him, he’ll be spending time with me. He’s going to think he went to heaven and I’m one of the angels."

"Angel? I don’t think so. Devil in the black jumpsuit is more descriptive."

She wrinkled her nose at Susan, "You may not care about your first impression, but I do, I’m not getting any younger."

"If you’re dressed like that, I wonder what the desperate duo are wearing? It’ll be like a fashion show around here for the next week." The two female design engineers, Cassie Hunter and Katherine Gillian, practically threw themselves at any unmarried man. Susan shook her head and said, "The poor guy doesn’t know what he’s getting into, this is like ‘Desperate Women in the Work Place’. It could be a TV show."

"You’re not getting any younger either, you know. What are you, thirty now?"

Susan faked a hurt look. "Hey, I don’t see the big 3-0 for two more years."

MJ laughed. "Anyway, one bad marriage shouldn’t turn you against men forever. It’s been three years now, you should be over that jerk."

Susan stepped over to her distribution box, took out the contents and glanced through the documents. As she turned to leave, she said, "Oh, I’m over him. I’m just waiting for Mister Right to come along."

"Those guys on the white horses are all gone; you’ve got to start sorting through those Mister Maybes looking for Mister Almost Right."

"I’m sure you’ll give me a full report on your first encounter with Mr. David Wilson," Susan said as she walked to her office.

MJ smiled, "I’ll be in your office as soon as I escort him to Human Resources."

The man approaching MJ’s desk was tall, maybe 6’1", about 200 pounds or so. His off the rack suit didn’t hide the fact that he spent time in the gym. His broad chest and slim waist made him look like an athlete.

He stopped in front of her desk and said, "I’m here to see Tony Holiday."

MJ looked into his eyes. They were jade green. "You must be David Wilson."

He nodded, "Yes, I am."

She stood and extended her hand, "Welcome, David, I’m Mary Jane Winters, the department Admin Assistant. Just call me MJ."

He shook her hand firmly before releasing it. Looking past her at the name on Tony’s door, he replied, "Nice to meet you, M.J. Is Tony in?"

He was as handsome as she’d heard from her friend at Grumman, his last place of employment.

Strong chin, gorgeous green eyes, dark brown hair and full sensual lips.

David was still looking at the door behind her, "Is he in?"

MJ put her hands on her waist and thrust out her chest, "Oh, I’m sorry. Yes, he’s expecting you. Go on in."

He didn’t respond, just walked to the door.

MJ watched him until he was in Tony’s office and out of sight.

As promised, MJ walked into Susan’s office twenty minutes after she escorted the new employee to HR.

"Damn," she said as she plopped down in Susan’s guest chair. "I don’t know about him. I spent fifteen minutes with him, just the two of us, and, I swear, he never once looked at my 38Ds. I had to hang around Purchasing after I dropped him off, just to let those guys leer. I needed a morale boost after him."

Susan sat back in her chair and laughed, "You know, he’s probably just not used to hussies coming on to him first thing at his new job."

"I’m not a hussy," MJ replied with a smile on her a face.

"No, of course not. You’re wearing this seductive cat suit, your boobs are about popping out, nipples almost showing, probably staring at his crotch the whole time. No, you’re not a hussy."

"I wasn’t staring at his crotch," MJ said, smiling, "But I did check out his ass when he went into

Tony’s office. Umm, nice, tight, I’d like to have both hands on it."

"Oh no, you’re not a hussy. I can tell by the lady-like way you talk."
MJ got up to leave. "You’re going to meet him this afternoon. I want a full report from you. Miss Iron Panties."

"Iron panties? Where did you come up with that?" Susan laughed. "I’ll give you a report. I’ll bet he’s just a guy who wants to do a good job." She was looking forward to meeting him. It was time to move on. MJ was right; she wasn’t getting any younger.

"He’s a guy. If he didn’t notice me, his interests are somewhere else and I’m not talking about work."

Susan shook her head at MJ and chuckled. "I’ll tell you what I think about him before the day’s over."

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